Is the USS Titanic Culture Sinking?

What is culture?

To understand a sinking culture, one has to first understand what the definition of culture is. So using some common definitions developed over the years lets define culture:

Culture is the way of life of a particular society or group of people, including patterns of thought, beliefs, behavior, customs, traditions, rituals, dress, and language, as well as art, music, and literature.
(Webster’s New World Encyclopedia, 1992)

Culture is a shared patterns of belief, feeling and adaptation, which people carry in their minds.
(Leighton & Hughes, 1961)

Culture is an organized group of ideas, habits and conditioned responding shared by members of a society.
(Linton, 1956)

Culture is a blueprint for living.
(Kluckholm, 1944)

Or one can simply say:

Culture is shared values, beliefs and attitudes in a given group.

People in every culture are raised with a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes. Some are held deeply, and in many cases, they have never been questioned. Others may be negotiable or debatable.

As a cutlure changes, those who are born and raised are shaped by the current culture to a large degree. Thus a changing culture points to future changes in society. In simplistic terms — today’s culture shapes tomorrow’s society.

In this section we will look at changes in family, religion, education and morality. These are the things that affect “values, beliefs and attitudes.” By looking at these changes – you can decide if you agree with us — that today’s culture is declining. We believe that the decline is so serious that it is contributing to the sinking USS Titanic!

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