One of the Causes of the Declining US Society – Family Income

Only a few very weird citizens have not recognized that the society of the current United States is declining. These fall into a few easily indentifiable groups. These represent a very small portion of the population and are of course very vocal. They have their own agendas which they place above everything and everyone else!

A sizable portion of our citizens understand all too well that our society is declining at an ever increasing rate. They are very concerned, but probably spend little time trying to understand the causes and what can be done about it. Despite their concern it is hard to decipher the Truth from our media and self-serving elected officials. In addition due to one of the causes covered in this article little time is available to spend searching – as they have to keep their family afloat financially.

Finally the third and probably largest group are those that know something is wrong – but do not understand what is causing these problems.

This article will address one of the growing weaknesses that is contributing to the decline of our society. That is stagnant or declining family income.

In the current political debate this is addressed only by endless arguments about which of the two corrupt political parties will do the most to create “job” in our poorly performing economy. Let it be clear to anyone reading this article that the author believes voting for four more years of Obama is slightly lower on the scale of intelligence than the jelly fish who supply DNA material for GMO foods. But am uninspired by Mitt Romney on a good day.

But the Truth is that the current stagnant or declining family income predates the current recession by a about three decades.

Everyone walking the earth today has a Mother and Father. For the benefit of heathens, pagans, same sex marriage advocates and other assorted low intelligent types a Mother is female, a Father is male. Been that way for quite some time and it is just a fact. Whether you understand that this was God’s plan or count some highly mutated monkeys and trilobites in your ancestry – the end result today is the same. If you are reading this article you – have a Mother and Father.

Mother, Father and children are the basic unit of society called a family. Sadly there are variations; Mother and childen; Father and children or surrogate parent and children. But the predominate and most successful unit for raising children to adulthood is the family. Death will cause some of the variations, but as we will see a declining society will cause more, thus increasing the rate of decline.

Lets take a look at one of the factors for stable successful families. Family Income or the ability of a family to support itself. Everybody knows that this is a major problem today, but are you aware that stagnant and declining family income predates the current recession by several decades?




Family Income Trends (inflation adjusted)

– rising rapidly for 23 years before 1970,
then complete stagnation for the next 4 decades –

(A ‘family’ is a group of 2 or more persons related by birth, marriage or adoption and residing together)

Family Income TrendsAre families getting ‘ahead?’ The first two charts show the 60-year trend of median family incomes (inflation-adjusted). Watch family incomes rapidly rise for 23 years (1947-1970), then for the next 37 years incomes adjusted for inflation level off, oscillate and stagnate, despite more mothers entering the workforce trying to make up the squeeze.

Look at the charts at the left. Don’t be intimidated – I’ll help you.

The top chart shows 1947-1970 rapidly rising for the 23 years of strong real (inflation-adjusted) median family income growth – – a nice, rising income trend (compounding 3.7% annually) – as inflation-adjusted incomes increased 106%, from $18,000 to $37,000 (in 1993 dollars). During this period later pictures in this report will prove family savings ratios were climbing and household debt ratios were steady to falling. Win-Win for families.

Note for 1970 that family income growth stopped rising, as if hitting a brick wall – – then oscillates without growth for 8 years through 1978.

Now look at the 2nd chart (1979-2009), showing the oscillating stagnant growth period of family income continues another 30 years to 2009. The total stagnant income period is 39 years in total (1970-2009), whether measured in constant 1993 dollars or in 2009 dollars.

The 2nd chart’s blue data curve since 1979 (in 1993 dollars) can be compared to the above chart’s 1970-1978 – showing next to nil growth. The red data curve from 1970-2009 expresses this in 2009 dollars. This computes real income compound growth for this 39 year period (1970-2009) of a measly 0.02% per year average, compared to 185 times faster income growth of 3.7% annually in the prior 23 years 1947-1970. [Note the data plots after 1995 for both data plots would be even lower had government not redefined downward how they measure and report inflation after 1995 – meaning even slower (or, even negative) growth for that period than the 0.02%/year shown.]




The government’s own figures show stagnant and declining family income four decades before the current recession. This is not an isolated situation as the chart and information below demonstrate.


Median Household Incomes Fell in 94% of the States – 1999-2005.

Household Incomes Drop in 94% of the States - Grandfather Economic ReportLeft is a 2006 chart, showing the percentage decline in median household incomes from 1999-2005.

Nationwide incomes dropped 6%.

Note the dark orange colors showing those states where incomes dropped more than 10%.

Note also this chart shows that incomes fell in 94% of the states (47 of the 50 states) during that period. That’s most conclusive.

Michigan’s 12% was the worse, with incomes in some cities dropping as much as 24%.

Interestingly, this chart also shows incomes in Washington, D.C. actually gained, where reside maximum populations of federal government workers and private sector employees supporting them.


The decline in family income has been more dramatic since the current recession started, at least since it “Offically” started!

The impacts of the stagnant and declining family income will be covered in the next article. Will close this article by leaving a question with you:

How many of your politicans have you heard discussing why family income has been stagnant or declining for decades?

Hint: They cant discuss that can they? Because their only solution is to blame all problems on the other party! In the meantime take a few minutes and read some of the Grandfather Reports, it will be time very well spent.

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