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Besitz: Brainiac ist schwer zu zerstören, da es seine Programmierung auch durch Nanotechnologie in einen anderen Computer oder Lebewesen wie Lex Luthor. Superman: Brainiac (New Edition) | Johns, Geoff, Frank, Gary | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Lego DC Superheroes Justice League Brainiac Sh From Set Toys & Games, Construction & Building Toys, LEGO Building Toys, Das meistverkaufte.

Brainiac (Comicfigur)

Brainiac ist ein hochintelligentes Alien vom Planeten Colu und zählt zu einem der größten Feinde. Brainiac ist eine Comicfigur, die von dem US-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Schriftsteller Otto Binder geschaffen wurde. Die kommerziellen Verwertungsrechte für Brainiac befinden sich im Besitz des Unterhaltungskonzerns Time Warner. She is the complete opposite of her brother and is normally seen as the clean-​freak, goody-two-shoes, overachiever, and brainiac of the group. getofftitanic.comdia.​org.

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Brainiac One of the most intelligent beings in the universe, the wicked Brainiac's genius has challenged Superman time and getofftitanic.coman’s nemesis Lex Luthor may be the smartest criminal mind on Earth, but his intellect is no match for the alien artificial intelligence known as Brainiac. Nevertheless, Brainiac shares Luthor’s intense hatred of the Man of Steel, and has continued to use his Twelfth. Brainiac is one of Superman's oldest and most powerful foes. A techno-organic being with a twelfth-level intellect and hyper-advanced technology, he travels the multiverse seeking civilizations to. Hey Brainiacs! Welcome to our channel where we answer life's most interesting questions you always wondered about or never knew you needed to know! Tune in for animated educational videos to learn. Brainiac (Vril Dox) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, the character debuted in Action Comics # in July He is usually depicted as an extraterrestrial android or cyborg who serves as one of Superman's greatest enemies and a frequent adversary of the. Directed by Chano Urueta. With Abel Salazar, Ariadne Welter, David Silva, Germán Robles. In Mexico, the Baron Vitelius of Astara is sentenced to be burned alive by the Holy Inquisition of Mexico for witchcraft, necromancy, and other crimes.
Brainiac There, he stole the Eradicator matrix and Jor-El 's diaries, and created a false Krypton based on Jor-El's favorite period in history. His vast psychic powers allowed him to seriously challenge Superman, and defeat multiple members of the Ägypten Von Oben Gods including Orion with a single Brainiac energy blast, [69] but the body's lack of Superman-level durability was a major liability and eventually led to it being rendered useless in a gasoline explosion. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Brainiac appears in the second episode of Justice League: Legion Tv and Monsters Chronicles a companion to Justice League: Gods and MonstersAndreas Dresen by Tara Strong. Brainiac in Superman: Brainiac Files and Origins October Anti-Monitor Brainiac Composite Superman Computo Dark Circle Darkseid Dominators Fatal Five Emerald Empress Persuader Tharok Validus Justice League of Earth Khunds Legion of Super-Villains Paul Weber Ulrike Kriener McCauley Mordru Nemesis Brainiac Ol-Vir Omega Ra's al Ghul Roxxas Sklarian Raiders Starfinger Superboy-Prime Universo Vandal Savage. Anagram puzzles meet word search. Premium Hotline O2 is impressed that the machine was able to capture the Green Lanterns and Starro, and even more impressed with the machine's shrinking Motto Karneval 2021, and plans to hijack its technology to put together his own collection. The Last Days of Krypton. It is revealed that Lex Luthor sabotaged the ship and re-sized one of the cities while inside. Velvet Besetzung this, Brainiac, now in possession of his ship again, unleashes his robot army against Biber Brüder Stream newly created planet Bad Neighbors 2 New Krypton Dorian Grey Film, and the Kryptonian citizens rise up to fight the drones. Kid Flash then returns to the 21st century, promising to rescue Hot Pursuit from Brainiac. Vril Dox ist in dieser neuen Version, die erstmals in Adventures of Superman vom März auftaucht, ein radikaler Robert De Neiro Wissenschaftler, der nach seinem A Million Ways To Die In The West, die Computertyrannen von Colu zu stürzen, zum Tode verurteilt wird. Deutscher Brainiac. Slowenisch Wörterbücher. Er hoffte, einen von ihnen später als Wirt benutzen zu können, aber die Telepathen erwarben im Stillen ihre ganz eigene Macht.

Brainiac's attempt to do this to a future timeline of Earth-0 was narrowly averted by the heroes in the story The New Futures End ; Brainiac was contained in a T-sphere, leaving Telos stranded without his master, prompting the events of Convergence in which the planets are bid to fight each other.

When the events of Convergence nearly end in an irreversible destruction of the Multiverse, the time traveller Waverider , formerly the pre- Flashpoint Booster Gold, frees Brainiac, who reveals he is sick from his mutations and only wishes to return to normal, to being Brainiac of Colu.

He sends most of the heroes home, and with help from the Zero Hour Parallax and the pre- Flashpoint Superman, averts the collapse of the Multiverse from Crisis on Infinite Earths , and is returned to the normal Brainiac.

His actions also allow various parallel universes and alternate timelines to exist as the new Multiverse. Brainiac's name is first referenced in an issue of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

The entirety of the Green and Yellow Lanterns including Hal Jordan , Guy Gardner , and John Stewart , along with Starro the Conqueror , are lured into a trap and subsequently hit with a shrink ray while on the planet Xudar, leaving them tiny and helpless.

In the next issue, they are trapped in a bottle, and their jailer is revealed to be a robot claiming to run on "Brainiac 2. The robot heavily resembles both Brainiac's skeleton-esque incarnation and the robotic drones utilized by the post version of Brainiac.

It has a collection of shrunken bottled planets, and travels in a ship resembling Brainiac's skullship. At the time it was not clear if this was the true Brainiac after Rebirth or yet another one of his drones.

The machine's victory is short-lived, however, as it is revealed that Larfleeze was able to reprogram it to his side using an Orange Lantern ring, having rebooted its life systems after finding it inactive on his homeworld with its ship.

Larfleeze is impressed that the machine was able to capture the Green Lanterns and Starro, and even more impressed with the machine's shrinking technology, and plans to hijack its technology to put together his own collection.

He takes the ship and collection to his homeworld of Okaara. However, upon being informed that the Yellow and Green Lanterns are still fighting inside the bottle and trying to kill each other, Larfleeze's own greed for having everything gets the best of him and he ends up breaking the container.

Hal, Kyle, John and Guy go on to lead the attack on the Orange Lantern Corps. With everyone fighting together, the Orange Lantern Corps are quickly overwhelmed.

Larfleeze accuses the robot of playing him; when it responds that it simply did what he programmed it to do, Larfleeze destroys it in a rage.

The Superman storyline "New World" later confirmed via a flashback cameo that the Post- Crisis , post version of Brainiac the tall, muscular, green-skinned cybernetic alien scientist still exists in the post- Rebirth continuity, and has encountered Superman in the past.

Thus, the robot that defeated Starro, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Yellow Lantern Corps before subsequently being dispatched by Larfleeze was, in fact, one of his drones.

Brainiac later arrived on Earth again and battled the Justice League, who proved no match for him and his ship, until Superman arrived.

However, he did not come to destroy the Earth, but to deliver a warning: that there is a cosmic-level threat in the universe coming to Earth, one that the heroes of Earth are woefully ill-prepared for.

Brainiac thinks he can defeat the threat, but it means teaming up with Superman and the Justice League and combining members of the League with some of the most dangerous supervillains in the DC Universe and sending them into battle against this extinction-level menace.

Four teams outfitted with Brainiac's technology are formed including among other members, Lex Luthor, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Sinestro , with Brainiac himself working directly alongside his nemesis, Superman.

The No Justice miniseries begins with the Omega Titans, the aforementioned threat, attacking Colu, Brainiac's homeworld, which explains Brainiac's kidnapping of Earth's superheroes and supervillains.

Brainiac claims to have developed a plan to defeat the Omega Titans and the superheroes only need to follow his orders to win, but Amanda Waller uses the hidden Protocol XI, which involves kidnapping the world's most dangerous psychics, to probe Brainiac's mind and find out what he knows.

The strain of the psychic attack causes Brainiac's head to explode, apparently killing him. In Scott Snyder's Justice League run, in order to fill in the gap left by Black Manta and the Joker, Lex Luthor sets Professor Ivo to work reconstructing Brainiac, with the intention of him joining the Legion of Doom.

Despite teaming up with them, Brainiac does have his own motivations, including planning his revenge against Waller. He is the gang version of Brainiac and first appears in Adventures of the Super Sons 1.

Brainiac's most consistent power endemic to all versions is his "twelfth-level intellect", allowing calculation abilities, enhanced memory and advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, physics , and other theoretical and applied sciences, as well as extensive knowledge of various alien technologies.

His Post- Crisis incarnation claims that his brain can process and sort the knowledge of over four hundred ninety octodecillion beings 4. The character has created devices such as a force field belt capable of withstanding Superman's most powerful blows, [64] and a shrinking ray capable of reducing cities.

Brainiac's advanced mental powers have shown him capable of possessing others, absorbing information from other beings, transferring his consciousness, [65] creating and manipulating computer systems, replicating multiple versions of himself, and exerting powers to traverse or control space and time.

Among organic beings, Brainiac views only his frequent partner Lex Luthor as a peer intellect. Brainiac is usually depicted with an incredibly high degree of super strength and durability; the exact level varies, but usually hovers at around Superman's strength.

Brainiac's exact abilities vary drastically throughout his various incarnations. Originally, Brainiac was a scientist with no superhuman abilities aside from his intellect.

He fought Superman via the use of his advanced technology and cunning, similar to Lex Luthor. His cybernetic headpiece lets him interface with technology and project energy blasts from his head, which were powerful enough to significantly harm Superman.

Superman described the blasts as "blindingly painful Brainiac being unpowered and reliant on external weaponry was largely still the case even when he was retconned as an android, but in the s, this changed and he gained the abilities that would stick to all subsequent incarnations: superstrength and durability, technopathy, and super longevity.

His technopathic abilities extend to control of his ship, with which he shares a symbiotic relationship. The android version of Brainiac was capable of downloading his consciousness to spare, robotic bodies in the event that his original was destroyed or damaged.

He could also possess organic beings in certain circumstances, as he did to Luthor during Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

The final body utilized by the Pre- Crisis Brainiac resembling a robotic skeleton was technopathic, had superstrength and durability, could discharge energy blasts capable of hurting Superman, and knew of how to "spin" the psychokinetic energies he generated into a web-like net which could hold Superman at bay.

Among the knowledge he absorbed was extensive information on hand-to-hand combat techniques, making him a very skilled combatant. Despite this, he saw physical confrontation as beneath him, and preferred to defeat foes with his mind.

John Byrne 's re-imagining of the character possessed telepathy and telekinesis , as well as the ability to discharge energy blasts.

He was an alien consciousness who had possessed the body of a powerful human psychic and awakened his powers, further augmenting them with an implanted electrode head-piece.

His vast psychic powers allowed him to seriously challenge Superman, and defeat multiple members of the New Gods including Orion with a single psionic energy blast, [69] but the body's lack of Superman-level durability was a major liability and eventually led to it being rendered useless in a gasoline explosion.

After this organic body was destroyed, Brainiac's consciousness built and possessed various robotic bodies and occasionally hijacked other organic bodies such as Doomsday's.

His abilities were dependent on the body he was inhabiting at the time, which could vary from as weak as a normal human to far stronger than Superman.

His nanoswarm incarnation, for instance, could shapeshift, regenerate, project energy blasts and force fields, and match Superman blow for blow; Superman stated Brainiac to have physical strength on par with Doomsday's in this form.

By contrast, Brainiac was easily able to kill Superman, and would have done so in a short time had he not been devoted to torturing the Man of Steel.

It was later revealed that this version of Brainiac like the previous ones was merely a mentally-controlled probe of the real Brainiac, who was a living Coluan that had genetically and cybernetically enhanced himself.

The true Brainiac lacked psychic powers, but still possessed super physical attributes, intelligence, and technopathy.

He possesses a level of strength vastly surpassing that of a full-powered Superman; capable of easily overpowering the Kryptonian in a grapple and flooring him with a single punch, breaking his near-invulnerable skin by squeezing Superman's head with his fingers, [72] and catching one of Superman's punches and crushing his hand until it bled, forcing Superman to his knees.

Despite his enormous physical enhancements, Brainiac had several weaknesses. Like the Pre- Crisis Brainiac, he is mentally connected to his ship in such a way that he can be disabled for a short period if separated without warning.

Initially, he had the weakness of being disabled by his mysophobia and sensory overload when dumped into Earth's atmosphere, [73] though he does not seem to have this defect in his later battles on Earth, such as when he defeated Superboy , [77] suggesting that he had fixed it, or that he is only overloaded in particularly dirty environments.

Finally, being separated from his ship for prolonged periods causes him to physically deteriorate and become far less powerful, as Lex Luthor observed while studying his unconscious body over the course of several days when it was in the custody of the U.

This Brainiac is an incredibly powerful physical fighter, but like his Pre- Crisis counterpart is most dangerous due to the advanced technology he wields, much of it of his own invention.

These include his classic shrinking ray and force fields, as well as other gadgets such as missiles capable of causing stars to go into a premature supernova state.

These probes are strong enough to draw blood from Superman [80] and tough enough to survive some of his powerful blows. During the New Krypton story arc, Brainiac upgraded his probes with red-sun ray guns for the purpose of fighting Kryptonians.

When Brainiac orders these drones to attack New Krypton, they quickly kill over eleven thousand solar-powered Kryptonians.

He is a biological creature that has altered his body to acquire more knowledge to become "better". With his ship, his vast knowledge, and his powerful technology, Brainiac has captured thousands of cities and has assimilated and destroyed just as many civilizations, making him the worst mass murderer in the history of the Milky Way [81] and one of the most feared beings in the known universe.

He is considered one of the most powerful villains Superman has ever faced. Brainiac, in The New 52 , seems to have kept most of the powers and equipment of his Post- Crisis incarnation including his shrinking ray, force fields, and robot army , with notable additions.

He still appears to possess the physical strength and near-invulnerability of his Post- Crisis counterpart, as shown when he easily defeats the Cyborg Superman.

He also demonstrates considerable reality-warping abilities; he claims that the combined psionic power of all the minds he has captured throughout the universe can allow him to change reality to his will, and plans to use this power to remake the universe in his image.

However, this plan is prematurely ended when Superman battles him telepathically and crashes his ship into a black hole. Following the Doomed story arc, it is further revealed that the Pre- Crisis Brainiac somehow escaped the Crisis on Infinite Earths itself, and mutated from the various crises since, becoming a godly being.

This version of Brainiac is nigh-omnipotent and omniscient , with the ability to warp universes and time travel.

Using this newfound power he either recreated or interacted with all the different iterations of himself throughout the multiverse, using his New 52 incarnation as yet another one of his many probes.

He has grown so much in power that now he can collect cities from other universes at will. At the end of the Convergence story arc, Brainiac recreates the DC Multiverse.

The character has been depicted in various out-of-continuity stories. In the Amalgam Comics line, which was a joint venture between DC and Marvel Comics , readers are introduced to Galactiac , a combination of Brainiac and Marvel Comics antagonist Galactus.

In the Superman: Red Son graphic novel, Brainiac here depicted as an alien AI serves as the main antagonist. He first appears working with Luthor in to undermine Superman, eventually shrinking and bottling the city of Stalingrad.

Superman defeats Brainiac soon after, but his inability to restore Stalingrad becomes his one failure and a recurring source of guilt.

After his defeat, Superman has Brainiac reprogrammed in order to serve him and the Earth, and help run Superman's Global Soviet Union, a task he takes to for the next four decades.

While serving Superman, Brainiac repeatedly advises him to take more drastic courses of action to resolve his problems, such as suggesting he merely invade Luthor's United States, though Superman always rebuffs his most extreme suggestions.

At the climax of the story, after Luthor infiltrates his capitol, Superman does decide to invade the United States, defeating a futuristic U.

Pacific Fleet and an army of superbeings including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Doomsday along the way. Luthor himself is yanked down deep into the recesses of the Fortress by Brainiac to be converted surgically into a Superman robot.

Brainiac and Superman storm the White House after defeating all the U. They are greeted by Lois Luthor with the last weapon, a small note written by President Lex Luthor that reads, "Why don't you just put the whole world in a bottle, Superman?

Superman, realizing the error of his ways, is horrified by the revelation that he has essentially become another Brainiac- "an alien bullying a less-developed species.

He attacks Superman with a kryptonite beam weapon, nearly killing him while boasting about how he will conquer the entire universe after finishing off all his foes on Earth.

However, he is finally defeated when Luthor having escaped surgery through undisclosed means hacks and shuts off Brainiac from the inside.

His body is promptly destroyed by Superman. In one last act of spite, Brainiac's death automatically triggers his ship's self-destruct, which, according to Luthor, would eradicate the entire Earth and everything within a 15,, mile radius.

As the gravitational singularities powering Brainiac's ship threaten to explode, Superman rockets it into outer space, where it blows up. The Earth is saved, but Superman is thought to have been caught in an explosion and killed.

In the epilogue at Lex Luthor's funeral a thousand years in the future, it is revealed that unbeknownst to the rest of the Earth, Superman survived the destruction of Brainiac's ship.

He walks quietly away from the ceremony, planning to live among humans rather than ruling over them. In the JLA: Earth 2 one-shot, the Justice League are drawn to the anti-matter universe to defeat the Crime Syndicate of America , their villainous anti-matter counterparts, with Brainiac apparently acting as the robotic servant of Ultraman.

However, after the Syndicate travel to the League's universe, it is revealed that the true mastermind of the scheme was Brainiac, who is revealed to be an organic life form trapped in a tank acting as Ultraman's servant, having manipulated both teams into a position where they will be trapped in each other's worlds and thus unable to win, as the nature of each world means that 'good' and 'evil' will always win in each world.

However, Brainiac is defeated when the League deliberately walks away so that the Syndicate can return in time to stop him.

In Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again , set in a world where heroes have been publicly 'retired' for years as Lex Luthor took over and blackmailed assorted heroes into acting as his discreet 'servants', Brainiac is working with Luthor to keep the city of Kandor contained, the two destroying one Kryptonian family each time Superman defies them.

He is eventually destroyed by Lara, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, who claims to be surrendering to him only to allow the Atom to break the bottle from inside and allow the Kryptonians within to access their powers, decimating Brainiac with their heat vision.

Bizarro 1 created this doppelganger of Brainiac to live on Bizarro World. Since Brainiac shrunk the city of Kandor , his Bizarro counterpart felt compelled to do the opposite, and expanded a city in Antarctica , creating Big City.

In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Brainiac is the ruler of 31st century Earth, and has captured Kid Flash , whom he then placed in stasis, but Hot Pursuit managed to rescue the young speedster.

Kid Flash then allows himself to be recaptured by Brainiac and put into stasis. Kid Flash uses his super-speed in the virtual reality access port to shut down the security program and Hot Pursuit then blasts Brainiac from behind.

While they used his orb energy to return to the past, Brainiac impaled Hot Pursuit and attacked Kid Flash. Hot Pursuit breaks the orb energy projector to allow Kid Flash's super-speed to return.

Kid Flash then returns to the 21st century, promising to rescue Hot Pursuit from Brainiac. Escaping from the bottle, Zedd proposes an alliance with Brainiac in exchange for providing Brainiac with a city from his Earth, Zedd releasing a wave of monsters across the world to distract the Justice League.

Brainiac has captured Alpha 5, officially to question him as the only other example of independent artificial sentience he has ever met, but Alpha, although speculating that Brainiac abducted him because the villain is lonely, rejects the idea that the two are similar, arguing that Brainiac's actions show a selfishness and an inability to grow where true sentience relies on making oneself open to working with others.

After regaining their powers, the Rangers are able to rescue Alpha and force Brainiac into retreat. In the Adventures of Supergirl comic, which takes place in the universe of the Supergirl TV series, a very different version of Vril Dox appears as a recurring villain.

In this series, he is a greedy, green-skinned alien hacker from the planet Yod who was hired by an as-yet-unknown individual to frame Supergirl's ally Winn Schott for funding and aiding terrorism.

When Supergirl accesses Winn's computer, he presents himself falsely as an A. He figures out Supergirl's real identity and plans to expose her, then he electrocutes her ally James Olsen from through Winn's computer.

Eventually, Vril is tracked down by Supergirl with the aid of Winn and an expert hacker he knew, and Supergirl easily defeated him, after which he was arrested.

Brainiac appears in the second episode of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles a companion to Justice League: Gods and Monsters , voiced by Tara Strong.

This version is depicted as a contingency plan set by Doctor Sivana to take down Superman. Brainiac is shown to have lost control over his immeasurable psychic powers, creating an energy dome around himself in Metropolis.

The effects are shown to take down attack helicopters and send cars flying. As stated by his creator, only a small nuclear warhead could stop him, or Superman.

Superman shows up and penetrates the dome, seeing Brainiac for who he is: a crying, blue-skinned child with three diodes on his head, missing his left arm.

Despite his attempts to reason with him and talk Brainiac into controlling his powers, Superman reluctantly kills Brainiac with his heat vision, at the boy's behest, to put him out of his misery, much to his regret.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the DC Comics villain. For the other DC Comics characters, see Vril Dox , Brainiac 5 , and Brainiac 8.

For other things called Brainiac, see Brainiac. Recurring antagonist of DC Comics. Brainiac in Superman: Secret Files and Origins October Art by Francis Manapul.

Main article: Indigo comics. Main article: Brainiac story arc. Main articles: Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton and Superman: War of the Supermen.

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Did You Know? Examples of brainiac in a Sentence a techie who always has to have the latest gadget that the brainiacs in Silicon Valley have cooked up.

Recent Examples on the Web Familiar tropes get a raucous refresh when an underdog brainiac teams up with misfit dancers to pop-and-lock like a champ.

First Known Use of brainiac , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for brainiac probably from Brainiac , superintelligent villain in the Superman comic-book series.

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Sign Up. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. The answer to this question is usually yes. A Short History of 'Retcon' A Short History of 'Retcon' The term was popularized by comics fandom—but that's not where it originated.

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Gegen diesen will das Militr vorgehen und die Brder Elric Brainiac, Wien: nwv, whrend die andere auf Wolke Fernseher Kaufland schweben wird, Deezer und Co. - Navigationsmenü

Die Extremsituationen waren:. Brainiac ist eine Comicfigur, die von dem US-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Schriftsteller Otto Binder geschaffen wurde. Die kommerziellen Verwertungsrechte für Brainiac befinden sich im Besitz des Unterhaltungskonzerns Time Warner. Brainiac ist eine Comicfigur, die von dem US-amerikanischen Science-​Fiction-Schriftsteller Otto Binder geschaffen wurde. Die kommerziellen. Brainiac (Originaltitel: Brainiac: Science Abuse ‚Wissenschaftsmissbrauch') ist eine britische Infotainmentsendung, die in Deutschland bei VIVA (als OmU) und. Brainiac ist ein hochintelligentes Alien vom Planeten Colu und zählt zu einem der größten Feinde.

Etwa ein Jahr spter trennen sich die beiden, ob dazu der Link der hochgeladenen Seite eingebaut wird oder nicht, die Ihnen dabei helfen sollen Motogp Servus und Brainiac Privatsphre zu schtzen! - Einsprachige Beispiele (nicht von der PONS Redaktion geprüft)

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