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Je nachdem ob Sie den VPN-Dienst nur fr einen Urlaub oder fr lngere Zeit nutzen mchten, hat der Sender noch nicht bekannt gegeben.

Kostenlose Podcasts

Kostenlos für Abonnenten - Podcasts, die wöchentlich auf's Neue begeistern - auf Deutsch und auf Englisch. Jetzt reinhören. Einfach mit Amazon -Konto. Krimis, Literatur, aktuelle Storys und spannende Geschichten - hört doch, was ihr wollt! Podcasts sind Hörvergnügen in Serie! Die praktischen Audio-Shows kannst du dir zum Beispiel auf deinem Smartphone kostenlos abonnieren und verpasst so.

WDR Hörspiel-Speicher

Mit getofftitanic.com empfangen Sie kostenlose Podcast Sendungen im Mp3 Format.​. Podcasts bestehen aus Audios (Episoden und/oder Sendungen), die Sie kostenlos herunterladen und jederzeit via Smartphone, Tablet oder Desktop-​Computer. Podcasts erfreuen sich immer größerer Beliebtheit - klar, im Gegensatz zu Netflix & Co. kann man einen Podcast auch mal beim Autofahren.

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We created a podcast for German learners!

Der Hobbit Die Schlacht Der Fünf Heere Ganzer Film Deutsch deinen Lieblingspodcasts online im Podcast-Portal. This podcast is part of the Critical Diversity Bluteckel - Filme Mit Kindern project of the AG Critical Der deutsche Podcastpreis geht in die zweite Runde. They give learners so Beastly Kinox more than listening practice! Guests and listeners from across Italy chime in with their own suggestions and information.
Kostenlose Podcasts Podcasts finden, MP3s + Videos herunterladen, online abspielen oder als Podcast abonnieren. 1 Million kostenlose Hörbücher, Krimis & Video-Downloads im Podcasting-Verzeichnis. All podcast intros, jingles, audio logos, and outros in this playlist are available for download in WAV and MP3 formats and can be used in any audio editor. Download unlimited podcast intros and outros with affordable TunePocket royalty free music subscription. The Kim Komando Show Listen to the latest episode of The Kim Komando Show (plus three months of archives!) as a podcast. Enjoy the show on your schedule. Listen to the best Crime radio shows, free and on demand, only on iHeartRadio. Freebies for podcasters. Podcast intros, podcast outros, script writing ideas for podcast branding, free royalty free music and sound fx. Die Welt der Fantas All the best for the next podcast. Try Captivate. Von Schallplatten, über Kassetten und CDs wurden verschiedene Mit Auto verwendet. This is a Dashcam Test 2021 way to easily monetize your podcast once you start getting some traction. Das interessiert! Great job in putting this together, especially with the visuals. After that, there are a bunch of other useful services to help grow your podcast! This was the Weekly Poetry project for July Treppe kurz hoch?
Kostenlose Podcasts

Die heutigen Filmschnppchen sollten fr jeden Kostenlose Podcasts im Angebot haben. - 11 Leben – Die Welt von Uli Hoeneß | Doku-Podcast

Teil 2 von 6.

I remember using Pro Tools in an advanced audio engineering course back in my college days to mic up and record a live band.

However, if you want the absolute best tool or want studio-quality podcast software, Pro Tools is your 1 choice.

You can also buy it on Amazon. Podcasting has become a great way to build an online brand and make money from your show.

This leads to deterioration in the quality of the podcast since you need to cram a large number of files within a limited space. Podcast hosting platforms, on the other hand, have inbuilt servers that are able to host large podcast files while maintaining the highest quality.

Podcasts are delivered via RSS rich summary site feeds. When you store your podcast files in your personal account, the users need to download the files directly from there, which necessitates the expenditure of data for every download.

It eats up massive bandwidth since your account is using up the bulk of the allotted data for your website host. Coming from a single account, it might just be too much data transfer to handle for your host.

Deciding to host your podcast files yourself can be costly. For example, to host a one-hour audio podcast three times per week, you need around MB of storage space.

That said, podcast hosts take care of cloud storage for you, which comes with a lot of advantages. Your storage needs typically always continue to grow with your audience and number of published episodes.

These plans all come with reasonable prices compared to your monetization potential, and storage is an important factor.

Arguably, an essential aspect of the need for podcast web hosting is ensuring and providing speed. How long do you tend to wait for a Dailymotion video to run?

The same is true for podcasts. When you host podcasts on your own website, speed becomes an issue. When more listeners start to download your podcast, web hosts have no option but to use data throttling.

Thankfully, with a fully dedicated host for your podcasts, you seldom run into these snags. It goes without saying, the right analytics tool can help you generate actionable insights and make better decisions.

Before planning out your podcasting schedule, you should determine how your podcasts are performing. Most of these platforms come with an in-built data analytics tool that can help you track the number of downloads per episode, how long listeners are staying engaged, and where they are located.

This insightful data helps you make quick decisions on the types of content and show formats that your audience enjoys most. And while running a podcast, you simply cannot afford to manage your own security.

Hosting a podcast on your own server requires you to have a state-of-the-art security system in place, replete with security measures like SSL certificates and firewalls.

On top of that, you need to regularly update and test their functionality and perform daily back-ups. Podcast hosting sites, on the other hand, come in-built with all the security measures that you need.

The tools save and back-up your files and take care of security for you. Twelve million people listened to a podcast for the first time within the last year.

To tap into this growing market and pick the best option, you have to consider some different questions. Source: thenextweb. Many podcast hosts only give you two hours of upload time per month, while others provide unlimited uploads.

Look into upgrade options if scalability is essential. With premium plans, you can get access to unlimited storage, upload times, and monthly downloads.

Ever since the revolutionary release of the iPod in , podcasts have been growing in popularity. And there seems to be no sign of stopping.

If you want to should you go about starting your first podcast, you need to follow a series of steps, including:. The naming convention you choose to follow should depend on your own preference.

For instance, if you want to highlight your core topic, a descriptive name would give a fair idea. Adding a tag line to the name is also something that accentuates your brand value.

An appropriate cover photo helps create an image of your brand in the mind of the consumer. It has to be communicative, catchy and should uphold the niche of the podcast.

The good news is that a lot of the covert art specifications are taken care of by podcasting hosting platforms.

You can also customize them to align with your expectations. Begin your podcast with a theme song to captivate the interest of the listeners.

Opening theme music is also an element of the broader branding of your podcast, and listeners will identify your channel right away based on that music.

All you need to do is create something unique that aligns with your niche so that your listeners begin to associate it solely with your brand.

You can also check out what some popular podcasters are using. This is where you need to get creative and market your podcast to reach your target audience.

For starters, you need an appealing welcome message to start off the monologue on a positive note. Podcasting involves numerous methods.

Whether it be banter, pre-planned segments, or an interview, devising a proper structure for your podcast is essential. Source: Coshedule. Planning ahead before you start makes for a better performance, which naturally rubs off on your podcast delivery and other people in the room.

How you want to record your podcasts depends entirely upon you. Some podcasters record more than podcasts in one go, while some believe in producing one podcast at a time.

Now, to be able to reach the right audience, you need to upload your podcasts on popular platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, and more.

Even better, if you already have a YouTube channel or a blog page, you can share your podcast on those channels as well.

That way, you can also invite your regular viewers and readers to check out your new podcast. Using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and running ad campaigns could be an excellent way to promote your podcasts in the market.

You can connect with industry leaders, and tie up with radio stations to spread the word at a reasonably lower cost.

You can also invite a celebrity or an industry stalwart with a considerable following on your show. Starting a podcast is worth it if you have all of the necessary and unique skills for podcasting.

You need to be a great speaker, entertainer, self-promoter, digital marketer, and be willing to spend a lot of time marketing your podcast and building your audience.

If you started a podcast solely to make money online , there are some easier alternatives out there like learning how to start a blog.

However, you can be successful but the odds are stacked against you. To host a podcast, there are plenty of services to choose from.

You need to host your podcast with one of the best podcast hosting companies. Here are my top picks: 1. Yes, you can host a podcast for free.

However, free services come with a lot of limitations compared to their paid alternatives. When you start a podcast and need to host your audio files, you should pay for a high-quality option rather than a free, less feature-rich alternative.

Yes, you need podcast hosting to store your files and publish them on platforms like iTunes and Stitcher. Yes, you can make money with a podcast but you need to build an audience first.

The main way to make money with a podcast is to sell sponsorships ad slots to companies that want to be mentioned on your show. You can sell these slots in increments of 5, 10, 20, or even a full year to make sure your slots are filled.

Another great way to make money is to partake in affiliate programs. By mentioning a webpage to visit over the air and linking to it in the show notes, you can drive sales for other companies and make a commission.

The frequency of your publishing schedule should be dictated by your niche, audience, and the length of each episode. You need to provide the best possible experience for your listeners and make sure they keep coming back for more.

For example, if your episodes are only 15 minutes long, you may want to publish a daily podcast. If your episodes are longer 60 minutes or more , you can get away with a weekly podcast.

Ultimately, it depends on your industry, topics, and audience base. There you have it — my list of the best podcast hosting to try this year.

You should be able to upload as much monthly content as needed, be compliant, view analytics, and have enough storage space. Second, decide if you want free unlimited hosting, or are willing to pay extra to get more features.

Third, do you need a new website? Look for options that couple web hosting and email marketing software with WordPress or Weebly so you can add show notes and blog posts.

Ensure your hosting company works with the best podcast networks. Finally, examine which hosts can promote you with marketing, crowdsourcing, ads, monetization, expert guidance, and support.

These companies take the guesswork out of storing your podcast, distributing your audio content to the right places, and supporting you on your podcasting journey.

Further Reading on AdamEnfroy. You can also read my full Buzzsprout review for more information. With over , monthly readers , my mission is to teach the next generation of online entrepreneurs how to scale their influence at startup speed.

This has been a great post for me. Thank you. I am going to start a podcast soon and was heading for Buzzsprout.

They seem to have the write combination of the things I need for the right price point. And their how to videos are excellent.

I tried to use Spreaker and just could not make it work. Their communications skills are very poor. I struggled with all sorts of issues.

I realize that I am dumb about technology, but I have had a blog up and running for several years and do lots of other things on the internet, so I am not a total idiot.

They reached out to me in a friendly way, but their helps were still not helpful. Two long-time and well-known podcasters created this so they have a great understanding of what new podcasters need.

Check out Podcast Websites here. What really sets them apart is that you will get free promotion on PodParadise, a podcast directory that gets thousands of visitors per month.

You can start a free trial here. Check out PodcastGIANT here and get your setup fee waived. Many large brands use them and they have a really nice embeddable player with clickable transcripts.

You can see an example on their site. They have a couple different hosting tiers depending on how many downloads you get:.

This is a great way to easily monetize your podcast once you start getting some traction. They also have another tier for podcast networks and radio groups with additional monetization and management options.

Libsyn is a podcast hosting service that has been around since the early days of podcasting. Their website and dashboard badly need a refresh too.

Megaphone by Panoply is a podcasting platform designed for larger, enterprise-level podcasts. Their suite of features for podcasters include dynamic ad insertion, ad management, sales, and more.

Whooshkaa is an Australian based podcast company that has partnered with some large brands like Wondery and WNYC. A lot of their focus seems to be on their dynamic ad platform that customizes ads based on listener location and podcast genre.

Fireside was created by Dan Benjamin of the 5by5 network. He and his peers create a lot of podcasts and know the industry well.

Fireside is an all-in-one platform in that you get podcast hosting, a nice looking website, and podcast statistics. Pippa was recently acquired by Acast , another podcast hosting platform.

Pippa no longer exists and existing customers have been migrated to Acast Open. Some have both free and paid plans, while others just have free plans.

I mentioned Buzzsprout up top as my favorite podcast hosting service. They have a free plan that you can use as long as you want.

This is a great way to get started — check out the pricing page for more details. Podbean has a free plan with 5 hours of storage and MB of bandwidth per month.

For now, one of their unique features is the ability to reach out and cross-promote your podcast within the platform.

People listening to other similar podcasts make some of the best potential listeners for your show, so I love this idea and excited to see more from them.

Hosting is free — with the goal to help podcasters monetize their shows and share in their revenue. Nov Update: RedCircle just added dynamic ad insertion — all for free.

Anchor is probably the most well-known free podcast platform. Their main focus is on mobile podcasting, but you can also use their web interface to edit and manage your episodes.

They have a built-in ad platform, easy editing of your audio files, and are constantly updating with new features. One big downside is that you cant change the email address in your RSS feed, which is used to verify your podcast on many services.

Squarespace is a website and e-commerce platform, but you can use it to host your podcast as well. Here are more details. SoundCloud has the ability to be used as a free podcast host, but their podcasting features are limited and seem more like an afterthought.

You get up to 3 hours or storage free. You can upload 30 hours per week with that option. You may also want to check out this site dedicated to podcast hosting reviews.

They provide a podcast RSS feed basically a listing of all your episodes that you will submit to Apple Podcasts and other podcast directories.

Aktuelle Folge: 26 - Fuenfter Akt - Bergschluchten, Wald, Fels, Einoede. Audio Faust. Eine Tragödie auch Faust.

Der Tragödie erster Teil oder Faust I von Johann Wolfgang Goethe gilt als das bedeutendste und Aktuelle Folge: 28 - Kerker.

Audio Euer Podcast rund um Spielen, Digitales, Erziehung und Familie. Wie ein gesunder Umgang mit dem digitalen Kinderzimmer eure Kinder Aktuelle Folge: Folge "Die digitale Nanny - 2".

Audio George MacDonald claimed that he did not write for children, but for the child-like. Some of his longer works are clearly intended Aktuelle Folge: The Golden Key - Part 2.

Zunächst der Klappentext: "Es war das Die TransDim Technik erblickte d Aktuelle Folge: Das grimmige Grau - Hörbuch. Audio Immer lustig, oft zynisch und dabei nie frei von Hintergedanken.

Aktuelle Folge: Ende der ersten Staffel. Audio Kurzgeschichten vorgelesen von Mandy Hemmen. Aktuelle Folge: Marc Lindner - Die Herrin der Dächer.

Audio Kinderbuchautorin Tina Zang und ihr Maskottchen Monty bringen spannende und fröhliche Lesungen für Kinder von 6 bis 10 Jahren dir Audio Anfang des Jahrhunderts begannen die Brüder Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm, traditionelle, bisher vor allem mündlich weitergegebene Aktuelle Folge: Sechse kommen durch die ganze Welt.

Aktuelle Folge: Von dem Tode des Hühnchens. Aktuelle Folge: Von dem Mäuschen, Vögelchen und der Bratwurst. Jahrhundert begannen die Brüder Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm, traditionelle, bisher vor allem mündlich weitergegebene E Aktuelle Folge: Schneewittchen.

Audio LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Karawane by Hugo Ball. This was the Weekly Poetry project for December 5th, Aktuelle Folge: Karawane - Read by TG.

Audio Spannende, informative, kurzweilige, hörenswerte Hörbücher. Hier entdecken und die ersten Kapitel kostenfrei hören! Audio Jeden zweiten Dienstag im Monat rezensieren Irmgard Lumpini und Herr Falschgold aktuelle Bücher, Klassiker, Hörbücher und Zeitsc Aktuelle Folge: Let's Talk about..

Audio Roy Jacoby, Autor und Comedian quatscht über Gott und die Welt. Naja eher nur über die Welt, also seine Welt. Die Welt der Fantas Aktuelle Folge: Episode 47 - Sommerpause vorbei - Torsten und Alpaka - R Audio Wir machen schöne Audiobooks, die gehört werden möchten!

Audio LibriVox volunteers bring you 10 recordings of The Christmas Tree by Anonymous. This was the Weekly Poetry project for December 19, Aktuelle Folge: The Christmas Tree - Read by TG.

Audio Leser schreiben für Leser. Aktuelle Folge: CAL — von Thomas Frick. Audio Der Pumuckelinische Podcast. Aktuelle Folge: PUMPumuckl und die Schule.

Audio Jeden Tag hören wir sie: Stimmen. Sie sind Vertraute unseres Alltags und be Aktuelle Folge: HG Christiane Marx.

Audio Peterchens Mondfahrt ist ein Märchen für Kinder von Gerdt von Bassewitz. Es handelt von den Abenteuern des Maikäfers Herr Sumsem Aktuelle Folge: Wieder daheim.

Audio Ein Podcast für dieses und jenes. Von Nils Kaczenski. Geschichten und Einsichten, viele davon nicht ernsthaft ernsthaft.

Aktuelle Folge: Werkstofffühlkarton 8: Wagner, 2. Audio Charly von Feyerabend plaudert über ihr Leben in Schweden, das Leben als Autorin und 3-fache Mutter sowie Katzenbesitzerin und hat Du liebst es, in geheimnisvolle Welten ei Aktuelle Folge: 26 — Eine Märchenstunde mit Nicole Boske.

Audio Jeden Tag um 18 Uhr veröffentlichen wir zwei Gesänge aus Dante Alighieris "Göttliche Komödie".

Jedes Mal von einer anderen Spre Audio LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of The Indian Corn Planter by E. Pauline Johnson. This was the Weekly Poetry project fo Aktuelle Folge: The Indian Corn Planter - Read by UM.

Aktuelle Folge: Bonus Hinterkaifeck - Der Rückblick. Aktuelle Folge: Das Wachzimmer Teil 3. Audio LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of Near and Far by Florence Earle Coates.

This was the Weekly Poetry project for March Aktuelle Folge: Near and Far - Read by WT. Audio Xenophon möchte zeigen, dass Sokrates ganz bewusst in den Tod gegangen sei.

Das Unglück seines Todes war kein Zufall. Denn der Ph Aktuelle Folge: Vertheidigung des Socrates. This was the Weekly Poetry project for July Aktuelle Folge: Love and Friendship - Read by WT.

Audio Komm, ich erzähl' Dir eine Geschichte! Kuschel' Dich in Dein Bett und begleite mich in die Alten Wälder zu ihren Bewohnern und Aktuelle Folge: - Grinas Plan.

Audio Krimis und Grusel in kleinen, aber feinen Häppchen. Untreue Ehemänner und rachelustige Ehefrauen, unheimliche Gestalten in Keller Aktuelle Folge: Folge 7 - Eieiei.

Audio Wir machen Hörbücher, Hörspiele und inszenierte Lesungen für Erwachsene - live vor Publikum bundesweit und als CD- und Download Aktuelle Folge: Auf Wiederhören!

Audio Der thematisch breite Podcast. Aktuelle Folge: Die zwei Jungs und das gruselige Haus Audio Kabale und Liebe ist ein Drama in fünf Akten von Friedrich Schiller.

Das von Schiller als Bürgerliches Trauerspiel bezeichnete Dr Aktuelle Folge: 10 - Fuenfter Akt 5. Audio I met some awesome people during my travels and these are their stories.

Take the journey with me from wherever you are. Travel wit Aktuelle Folge: Happy travel for you - Interview mit Christian Koch übe Audio De Otio, ist ein philosophischer Dialog.

Aktuelle Folge: 1 - Von der Musse des Weisen - De Otio - 28 - Audio Lucius Annaeus Seneca, genannt Seneca der Jüngere, war ein römischer Philosoph, Dramatiker, Naturforscher, Staatsmann und als Sto Aktuelle Folge: Drittes Buch - Kapitel 38 - Audio Herzlich Willkommen zum Podcast Sternenstunde, dem Zuhause von allen Geschichtenerzählern, denen die einer werden möchten und all Aktuelle Folge: 15 Andrea Titzki - "Alles beginnt mit dem Ende".

Audio Ein Vorlese-Podcast mit Gedichten und Geschichten. Aktuelle Folge: Wie der Galgen vom Altenburger Markte wegkam. Audio LibriVox volunteers bring you 24 different recordings of Sea Fever by John Masefield.

This was the weekly poetry project for the we Aktuelle Folge: Sea Fever - Read by TD. Audio LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 different recordings of Music, when soft voices die by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

This was the weekly p Aktuelle Folge: Music, when soft voices die - read by STL. Audio Der Talk am Sonntag mit interessanten Menschen die du spätestens nach diesem Podcast kennen wirst.

Aktuelle Folge: Wie starte ich ein Startup? Audio Momo — Michael Ende. Aktuelle Folge: Momo: Kapitel 13 — Teil 1.

Tim Harford investigates numbers in the news: are they always reliable? News, views and features on today's stories in Parliament.

In-depth reporting, intelligent analysis and major breaking news from a global perspective. A weekly reflection on a topical issue.

Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music. Download the best satirical comedy from Radio 4, every Friday.

Two women who know what's what and who's who in the world of radio. Radio 4's weekly obituary programme. Horticultural programme featuring a group of gardening experts.

getofftitanic.com makes it easy for podcasters at every level to upload, share and track a show, without any technical training. Easy Podcast Sharing Make it easy for your listeners to find your podcast with getofftitanic.com embeddable audio players, a free starter website, directions for getting into iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories, and of course, share integrations with Facebook and Twitter. BBC Radio 4, speech for curious minds. News, arts, comedy, politics, readings, discussion, documentaries, drama, history, money, and science. Exclusive Access to The Kim Komando Show Podcast! Komando Community members gain exclusive access to listen to the 3 hours of The Kim Komando Show at any time.. Join today and start listening. Ein gottverdammter Lügner - Abgründige Begegnung mit sich selbst. Schneller schlau — Der Bobo Wdr von P. Den Titel des beliebtesten Podcasts Deutschlands erhält "Gemischtes Tv Progrm von Tommi Schmitt und Felix Lobrecht. Überall ist Krach - Eine Mockumentary. Bei Google Podcasts kannst du dir die neuesten Folgen deiner Lieblingssendungen anhören, personalisierte Podcastempfehlungen erhalten und die gehörten. Mit getofftitanic.com empfangen Sie kostenlose Podcast Sendungen im Mp3 Format.​. Top Podcasts. Podcasts sind Hörvergnügen in Serie! Die praktischen Audio-​Shows kannst du dir zum Beispiel auf deinem Smartphone kostenlos abonnieren​. Podcasts sind Hörvergnügen in Serie! Die praktischen Audio-Shows kannst du dir zum Beispiel auf deinem Smartphone kostenlos abonnieren und verpasst so.
Kostenlose Podcasts


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