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Phoenix Film

Phoenix // Film // Filmografien. Filmografien. CHRISTIAN PETZOLD (Regie). Geboren in Hilden. Studium der Germanistik und Theaterwissenschaft an der. Christian Petzold schuf mit «Phoenix» einen wichtigen Spielfilm über eine Identitätssuche. Die Jüdin Nelly (eine grossartige Nina Hoss) hat. Phoenix ist ein deutscher Historienfilm von Christian Petzold aus dem Jahr mit Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld und Nina Kunzendorf in den Hauptrollen.

Phoenix Film

Handlung von Phoenix Deutschland im Jahre Null: Nelly (Nina Hoss) hat schwer verletzt und mit entstelltem Gesicht Auschwitz überlebt und wird von Lene. Nach der Weltpremiere in Toronto kommt Christian Petzolds Film in die deutschen Kinos. Phoenix Film FilmStill (Foto: © Christian Schulz. Phoenix - der Film. likes. Nach»BARBARA«der neue Film von Christian Petzold. Ab September im Kino.

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Phoenix Speak Low II

Phoenix DXB is an idea's inspired film and content production company with its main office and post production facilities in Dubai Phoenix DXB develop and deliver sustainable corporate communications; specializing in high quality video production, 2D $ 3D animated videos, virtual reality videos, interactive media, branded assets, CSR, health. The city of Phoenix Film Office is your ultimate resource for everything you need to film in Phoenix, providing hassle-free service. O ur one-stop permit process puts Phoenix at your fingertips. We provide location assistance, information regarding technical crews, talent, hotel accommodations, film permitting and coordinate filming at city. Established by Phoenix Cultural Centre, Phoenix International Short Film Festival is a Toronto based monthly online festival with live screenings. The festival aims to bring the most acclaimed representation of film art products of the year to Toronto’s screens in an effort to present a comprehensive cross-section and showcase the depth and.
Phoenix Film
Phoenix Film Retrieved 20 January Scott, ist der Film nie weniger als faszinierend, intelligent und makellos erzählt. I thought surely there would be recognition where there apparently wasn't? That only strengthens the film's appeal. RealDuality 23 February Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Michael Maertens Arzt. Phoenix Film labels. January 15, Full Review…. There are plenty of films about Jews in Nazi Germany and a good few films set in the aftermath of world war 2. Official Sites. First there is a man who thinks Anime Ost can cash in on his American Pie College Clique Stream inheritance. It is one of the most notable duos in German cinema right now and as she was the female lead in his last three films, you could probably even call her his muse. The film received significant critical acclaim, with praise for the film's suspenseful narrative, for Postillion Rottach Egern direction, for Hoss's performance, and for its production design and symbolic elements. Christian Petzold Director. Aktivieren Sie JavaScript. Sie versuchen, sich etwas Neues aufzubauen, eine Film Stream Me zu schaffen. Digitales Leben. Scott, ist der Film nie weniger als faszinierend, intelligent und makellos erzählt. Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge : the new Defence Against the Dark True Blood Episodenguide teacher and a plant from the corrupt Ministry of Magic. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Phoenix symbolically describes her progress, but it's also the name Ladybug Bilder the club at which she finds her husband working. First look review Film. Phoenix Critics Consensus Tense, complex, and drenched in atmosphere, Phoenix is a well-acted, smartly crafted war drama that finds writer-director Christian Petzold working at peak power. Phoenix is a German drama film directed by Christian Petzold. Loosely adapted from the novel Le Retour des Cendres (English: The Return from the Ashes) by French author Hubert Monteilhet, the film stars Nina Hoss and Ronald Zehrfeld as Nelly and Johnny Lenz, respectively. Phoenix ' s gross was at $ million in the US and Canada, making it the fifth-highest-grossing film of in these regions, and at £ million, or $ million in the UK Internationally, it has grossed $ million, the seventh-highest grosser ever overseas, for a worldwide total of $ million making it the second-highest-grossing. Phoenix is Directed by Christian Petzold and it stars Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nina Kunzendorf, Uwe Preuss, Michael Maertens and Valerie Koch. The war has ended and the survivors are returning home. The Phoenix Film Festival is a program under the (c)3 non-profit organization Phoenix Film Foundation, and is a sibling of the Phoenix Film Society, International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, Peoria Film Fest, IFP/Phoenix, Arizona Student Film Festival and Phoenix Critics Circle.

John C Super Reviewer. Sep 02, There's a lot of ambiguity here. Pale and thin, she has returned like a ghost in search of her past.

She visits the bombed out rubble of her bygone home like a specter floating over the ruins. Nina was a singer before the war.

Her husband, a pianist. As a Holocaust survivor, Nelly has risen from the ashes of the past. Phoenix symbolically describes her progress, but it's also the name of the club at which she finds her husband working.

Kurt Weill's melody, "Speak Low" is a recurring score that pops up here and there. The tone of the drama is pensive and atmospherically haunting, but it's very vague.

The way these two souls interact is a long drawn out game of deception and remembrance. You'll have lots of questions as the narrative unfolds.

What exactly are these people thinking? Their tentative relationship is based on cryptic intentions. Director Christian Petzold keeps all of these questions unanswered on purpose as Nina goes in search of her former self and for truth.

Just simmer for awhile in the pensive mood. The mystery ultimately builds to a perfectly constructed moment of clarity. Mark H Super Reviewer. May 09, A sort of realist The Skin I Live In, beguilingly made and acted and with a breathtaking and simple final shot.

Daniel P Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best Horror Movies. Worst Superhero Movies.

The true highlight is the ending. I'm not too fond of the film's title. You could probably find some metaphoric resemblance, but mostly it is just the name of the club where the two met again.

They could have come up with something better here. Obviously Petzold loves one-word titles. You may want to watch this if you like German cinema or just World-War-II related movies although this one is really much more about the characters, especially the lead character, than really about historic significance.

The only weak aspect of this film is that the central idea is just not quite believable albeit easily more believable than most mainstream films.

Everything else was quite brilliant. There are plenty of films about Jews in Nazi Germany and a good few films set in the aftermath of world war 2.

This is however the first film I have seen exploring the lives and emotions of Jews in post war Germany trying to reclaim their lost monies and contemplating where to spend their future lives.

In this respect the film portrays two opposing views very powerfully. The acting, screen play, cinematography and direction is superb.

I predicted aspects of the climax but the subtleties were a surprise no spoilers here. Two of the three main roles are played by women, are strong characters and passes the Bechdel Test with in the first few minutes.

I watched this movie at the TIFF premier just last Friday and absolutely loved it. The movie digs deep into personal connections and portrays love beautifully.

This movie had everything i wanted: suspense, romance, drama, dark humour and irony. Cinematography was fantastic - the flow of scened was perfect and the pauses did not bore me but had their significance in all the right places.

Huge applause to Christian Petzold! Acting was incredible too, i was very touched. Nina Hoss captured the character's transformation well, I couldn't believe she was the same person in the movie.

I highly recommend watching this movie! There is a plethora of films dealing with the second world war and the holocaust, but relatively few dealing with Germany after the war and the plight of people returning from concentration or prison camps.

So I was happy go see Phoenix. The film successfully captures the period, with brusque American occupation soldiers, Berlin reduced to rubble, and people struggling to survive and adapt to new realities.

Unfortunately, the story gets bogged down in one implausible plot contrivance after another, which saps it of any dramatic strength despite fine acting.

I won't say what these are in the chance that you may see the film. But consider yourself warned. Adapted from Hubert Monteilhet's novel 'Return from the Ashes,' director Christian Petzold's Phoenix has the air of a revisionist war film with a science-fiction twist.

Granted, it has some liberties in the supposed advancement of medical science for the s, featuring a surgery that's not even really possible today, but with its stark approach to its pulpy atmosphere, it's easy to buy into anything it wants to do because of its compelling narrative.

The film follows Nelly, played by Nina Hoss, a Jewish concentration camp survivor and former nightclub singer who's suffered severe disfigurement.

She undergoes facial reconstruction, nearly looking like her old self, and tries to find peace with her lost previous identity. She heads to post-war Berlin to locate her estranged husband and partner in their former activism, played by Ronald Zehrfeld, but upon doing so he recruits her to help him on a scam to claim his wife's inheritance.

As she looks almost alike, he moulds her to act like his wife did and have her 'return' and scoop up the money. There's another liberty you have to buy in order to go along with Phoenix.

That being, despite all the hints, at no point does her husband Johnny recognize Nelly until the inevitable moment. This redressing of a former lover plot line is quite reminiscent of Hitchcock's Vertigo, but with Johnny's indifference and greed it's a different spin, and we observe Nelly's submissive re- judgment of him.

It thrives on the dramatic irony of when Johnny thinks that she isn't acting enough like his wife. It's fascinating to watch her rediscover herself, and a delight when she impresses him with how accurate she can be at times.

All these minor contrivances work thematically to build a picture of a search for identity and heartbreaking betrayal.

It's a refreshing perspective on a revision of a past life and then healing from it. Christian Petzold and Nina Hoss' collaborations have been steadily building momentum as Phoenix, their 4th film together, gains buzz on the festival circuit.

Clearly it is a beneficial partnership. Through her glassy eyed look nearly in tears and her anxious movements, Hoss faultlessly marries fragility with a burning motivation to disquiet her soul.

She may be easily manipulated due to her weakened psychological and physical state, but she always has intentions that she's slowly building up to.

Before taking board with her husband, she's assisted by Lene, played by Nina Kunzendorf, a fellow Jewish activist.

Her performance is steely and enigmatic, and I can't help but want to know more about her and her motivations so it's a shame the film doesn't quite deliver in that regard.

Often times the film holds back on payoff, although it's often executed in thoughtful manners. Most strikingly is in the film's conclusion. About Us Established by Phoenix Cultural Centre, Phoenix International Short Film Festival is a Toronto based monthly online festival with live screenings.

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Recall entire grades or single tools. In this note, Lene admits to Nelly that she knows that Johnny divorced Nelly the day before her arrest.

She includes a copy of the divorce decree, which forces Nelly to accept Johnny's betrayal. Nelly keeps this knowledge a secret, meeting Johnny and their old friends at the train station as planned.

Later, at the home of one of the friends, Nelly invites the group to listen to her sing, accompanied by Johnny on piano. As Nelly sings, Johnny recognizes her voice and sees the number tattooed on her arm when she was a prisoner in the concentration camps.

He stops playing the piano and shows strong feelings of guilt while Nelly finishes the song and walks away. The novel was freely adapted into the J.

Lee Thompson film Return from the Ashes. In his adaptation, Christian Petzold decided to change the setting to Berlin shortly after the German surrender at the end of World War II.

It was the last screenplay of Farocki's career. In the process, the scenarists changed the characters' names and occupations.

She is revealed to have died under suspicious circumstances. They also dropped a secondary plot in which Fabienne has developed a relationship with her stepfather, and thus challenges her mother for his affection when identities are ambiguous.

Phoenix was released on Blu-ray and DVD in Germany by Indigo on 27 March Trailers and Videos. DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits.

Alternate Versions. Rate This. A disfigured Holocaust survivor sets out to determine if the man she loved betrayed her trust.

Director: Christian Petzold. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Sundance Stars in Unforgettable Early Roles. Movies I want to see.

Polish Films To Watch. Für den Filmkritiker der New York Times , A. Scott, ist der Film nie weniger als faszinierend, intelligent und makellos erzählt.

Petzold mache gewandte und spannende Unterhaltung, die sich jedoch nicht sicher sei, ob sie mehr sein wolle oder könne. Am ehesten komme es dazu am Ende des Films, bei dem das ganze Gewicht von Grausamkeit, Verrat und Hoffnung in einen altbekannten Song einfliesse.

Um mit dem Ende zu beginnen, kulminiert der Film für Joe Morgenstern vom Wall Street Journal in einem Moment unaussprechlicher Schönheit durch die Kraft einer einzigen menschlichen Stimme.

Christian Petzolds Drama sei schön und voll mysteriöser Kraft von Anfang bis Ende. Eine Geschichte von verlorener Liebe und verlorener Identität im ausgebombten Berlin nach dem Holocaust werde erzählt als ein Film noir mit Elementen des Science Fiction.

Es sei ein gewagtes Kunstwerk, das Logik dadurch transzendiere, indem es das Herz direkt anspreche mit der visuellen und dramatischen Sprache gängiger Filmkonventionen.

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Filme von Christian Petzold. Kategorien : Filmtitel Deutscher Film Filmdrama Literaturverfilmung nach Autor Frankreich Christian Petzold Regisseur.

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Nikola Kastner. Schwer verletzt hat Nelly Lenz das Konzentrationslager überlebt und trifft nach einer Gesichtsoperation auf ihren Mann. Doch Johnny erkennt sie nicht. Er engagiert sie jedoch, in dem Glauben, dass seine Frau tot ist, als Doppelgängerin, um an ihr. Phoenix ist ein deutscher Historienfilm von Christian Petzold aus dem Jahr mit Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld und Nina Kunzendorf in den Hauptrollen. Phoenix Film Karlheinz Brunnemann GmbH & Co. Produktions KG war eine Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mit Sitz in Berlin, die von Hans Redlbach und. Christian Petzold schuf mit «Phoenix» einen wichtigen Spielfilm über eine Identitätssuche. Die Jüdin Nelly (eine grossartige Nina Hoss) hat.
Phoenix Film
Phoenix Film


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